We and this world

Dr. Yahya Al-Aridi 2016-05-05 14:25:00

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We and this World is the title of a program I did for Syrian TV years ago. In it, my guest and I used to talk about sociocultural, linguistic, regional, educational and scientific aspects of Syria’s life historically, and the interactive contributions Syria has had over the thousands of years of her life.

Not only Damascus, the oldest continually inhabited capital of the world, is a city Mark Twain and others wrote their best poems about, Aleppo has also witnessed a variety of civilizations leaving their positive touches on the forehead of the city, turning it into a center of enlightenment that is inaugurated as the capital of culture in the Islamic World in 2008.

Aleppo is today the victim of not only Assad regime’s brutality but also of the world about which I talked in my TV program. This world has today one single superpower, the US, that is begging another which was a superpower, Russia, the custodian and the protector of a murderer called Bashar Assad who has been killing “his” people for more than five years now. The current superpower is asking for the help of the past superpower to exercise some pressure on the dictator to ease it up on Aleppo as he is turning it into ruins. 

This world also contains what came to be known as "Friends of Syria" including few European countries that have known the Silk Road with Aleppo being central to it. Those friends see, know, and almost feel what is happening to Syria – in particular Aleppo lately – yet they are doing nothing but talking. This world also has few brotherly Arab and Muslim countries which are doing nothing but condemning the dictator’s brutality at their best.

Historically invaders harmed Aleppo up to almost destruction. They all vanished; and Aleppo came back to life. Aleppo will again come back to life.

We and this World is being turned by some members of this world into a horrible place to live in. Syrians – in Aleppo and in other Syrian cities – are destined to be builders of this world. They will definitely come back to life; but this time without the dictator and his protectors.