“Ayatollah” Netanyahu Courts the Minorities’ Pact

Ghassan Aboud | 2015-11-04 12:48 Damascuss

Ghassan Aboud, Orient Media Director General
The Middle East has rarely ever been without a catastrophic surprise on daily basis. This time, the surprise came, not from a country, a leader of a dictatorship, or an extremist militiaman, rather from the Prime Minister of Israel, “the only democracy in the Middle East”, Benjamin Netanyahu, who said before the International Zionist Conference in Jerusalem: “Hitler only wanted to expel Jews out of Europe, but the then Quds Mufti, Haj Amin al-Husseini, told him that Jews had to be eradicated; otherwise, they would go to Palestine. Al-Husseini demanded him that they be burnt down!”
Netanyahu’s claim has never been documented in history. German government spokesperson also rejected Netanyahu’s statement, saying: “Germany bears responsibility for the Holocaust and that Germans know the history of the racial criminal killing committed by the Nazis and the Nazis Holocaust; such a history is being taught in German schools and it will not be forgotten. There is no justification to change our view of history in any way. We know that the responsibility of this crime against humanity is a German one; it is our responsibility.” This statement confirms that the German state rules a rational nation, because a wise nation admits its faults and teaches them in its schools so as these faults become a model and a lesson for its generations, not related to a history it invents, cleans, brightens, removes the black spots from it and makes its characters semi-gods the way Muslim, Arab, Iranian and Kurdish nations do to maintain their backwardness and their isolation from the future, doing nothing but ruminating a past they thought to be cool!
A painful comment drew my attention: “Native Americans are the only ones who have not yet blamed Sunni Arabs for their historic injustice, accusing them of their obliteration!” These were just a few words enough to express the Sunni Arab situation these days in a region where they are being grinded under the  anvil of religious extremism and the hammer of  an alliance that, all of a sudden, raised the banner of historical religious injustices in the face of the Sunni Arabs under the leadership of the Iranian Mullahs which is waging a sacred war against them, destroying their countries in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, and messing up with other others like Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait in alliance with the minorities in the region, namely the Alawites, Shiites, Kurds and some Christians. Just a month ago, the Patriarch of the Eastern Russian Orthodox Church gave his blessing to the “sacred war” in Syria!
The two holocausts: An entry for both the Jews and Sunni Arabs
It looks that both the Syrian society and its elite have not understood the nature of the founding the Israeli society and state throughout the past 70 years. So, their main dilemmatic question was: How could a liberal, a secular or a socialist or even an atheist Jew reckon “God’s promise of a holy land”? And what is the common factor between them and an extremist religious Jew?
I believe that the Sunnis in Syria, who are the majority, (real statistics confirm that Sunnis make more than 80%, 65% of them are Sunni Arabs), realized that identity-based killings, massacres and oppression were what united the Jews in one society and gave them a national identity, not only God’s promise! 
This is exactly what is happening to the Sunnis in Syria. The photos of tortured-to-death and numbered corpses which came out of the Alawite regime’s jails of women, children and the elderly were more horrific than the images of the Jews in the Nazi concentration camps.
The current Sunni transfer suffering, those running away from the hell of the death of barrel bombs from Syria to Western Europe, the oppression and humiliation in mass jails in transit countries in Eastern Europe, chasing them with clubs and dogs, and stamping them with numbers upon which their personal files are made, all of this constituted today’s understanding.
Thus, their enemies were “generous” in shaping their identity by power and fire. Otherwise, what is the common factor among the intellectual Jalal Sadiq al-Azm, Sheikh Adana al-Aroor and myself?! Al-Azm, the leftist thinker, wrote: “The Sunni identity now is no longer connected with being religious. I am stunned at the self-restraint Sunnis show in Syria” (Damascus Magazine, May 2013). Al-Aroor continually addressed Syrians as being Sunnis and I insisted on the fact that “we are killed indiscriminately because we are Sunni Arabs,” So, despite the difference in the discourse methodology among the three, they share the same vision of pain, enemy and solution.
I realize that Israel is not a whole impermeable mass with many different views and attitudes. I also realize that there are some who do not support Netanyahu who represents an Israeli minority willing to join the “minorities’ pact” against - Arab Sunni while an Israeli majority doesn’t want to get involved at all, believing that it could isolate itself from the great fire in the region, as if everything was happening in another galaxy, not around them in every side.
Ben-Gurion, one of the founders of Israel, linked in his memorandums between the destiny of the Hebrow state wıth the allıance wıth the mınorıtıes ın the regıone. Israel leaders followed that vision when they depended on Druzes the “Golani Brigade” known for its cruelty in the suppression of the Palestinian successive intifadas. Also, the Israeli Army has senior officers of Sharkas but excludes Arab Sunnis. Tel Aviv also supported some malicious Alawites’ to assume power in Syria who, in turn, implemented a systematic policy in destroying Syria and its people. Tel Aviv also tried to build an alliance with some Mawarinah in Lebanon; this resulted in limiting the important historical Maroni greatly effective role in Modern Arab Culture. This alliance almost threatens their existence in the region. Tel Aviv also established the “Southern Army of Lebanon” which many believe to be a Maroni army, but in fact it was an army presided by some Maroni officers while its officers, basis and most of its members were the Shiite of South Lebanon, who are fighting in Syria today.
Perhaps, the best advice to the Israelis is what General Ali Haider, Commander of the “Special Forces” in the Alawite Army in Syria said in the nineties of the last century during his meeting with hundreds of the Alawite officers, that he opposed peace talks between Hafez Assad and the Israeli government at that time: “The Alawites cannot bear the historic cost of having relations with Israel. The Alawites may rule Damascus for twenty or thirty more years, then it will be re-ruled by its original population who will not forget for a thousand years that the Alawites raised the Israeli flag in Damascus which will be an excuse for their grudge for the coming thousand years.” (Haider’s speech was leaked and many Syrians heard it). It seemed later that even Hafez Assad was afraid of peace with Israel and that his talks with them aimed at passing time. Simply, minorities cannot bear the cost of peace with Israel even if they wanted to involve it in the religious war waged in the region. So, those who look for real peace between the Israelis have to negotiate it with the Sunnis, as they are “the original population of the region”, and via their rule of Damascus in particular without a dictator. Damascus is the heart and the guide of the catastrophic Arab- Israeli conflict on the Middle East in general and the Sunni Arabs in particular. The revolutionary speech of Abdul Nasser and Assad’s Baath were supposed to throw the Israelis in the sea, but instead the Arab Sunnis are currently throwing themselves in the seas seeking shelter from the brutality of this minorities’ pact.
Rational Israelis policy-makers and influential powers (some of them actually refused the demand of some Druze bodies in Golan and inside Syria to be armed, financed and protected to harass their neighbors) must unify themselves and their powers and have the strong will to initiate with their neighbors a real peace which will cast security on all the people of the region. Netanyahu is swimming against the current of history realities. How could his neighbors be crazy without him creating his own madness? The first madness is when civilian Jews are allowed to use weapons in the streets, getting civil streets to fight each other instead of the interference of the rational state with its rules and regulations, even if it were a state of occupation that occupies the lands of others, but it remains better than insurgent extremist members. The second madness is when “Ayatollah” Netanyahu introduced himself! No mad person will believe in Netanyahu’s injustice saying that a poor Mufti such as al-Husseini in a wretched area like Palestine in the thirties of the past century could control Hitler, the head of a great empire whose people and leaders do not follow the religion of this mosque sheikh in the first place. 
Netanyahu is beating the drums of a war which the Israeli society cannot bear their cost, because this time it will be a war with the peoples of the region not with failure armies of failure regimes. The Sunnis, whose countries are either destroyed or on their way to destruction, might not have anything to lose from this Netanyahu war, added to the other war Netanyahu waged on them, if such a war is to happen. However, they want real peace that can restore security to the region, instead of rushing to pour oil on the red-hot fires in the region and which will change into a great fire that will burn the whole of the Middle East, unclothing all its inhabitants, just like the scene of Doomsday.