Terrorism: Assad’s one story to tell
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Terrorism: Assad’s one story to tell

Date: 2015-10-26 12:18
Terrorism has proved to be a magic word that can be tailored according to one’s needs and desires. Assad’s regime has one story to tell when talking about the crisis in Syria. It repeatedly says there are three causes: terrorism, which in turn causes the other two, being violence and foreign interference. It defined terrorism as any act against the regime. Before the Syrian uprising, terrorism was Israel all the time but now it is those civilians who are opposing Assad. 
To sell its justification of terrorism, Assad regime created hangers to hang his dirty clothes on: insurgents, ISIS and some mercenaries that feed upon his teachings. It created them, trained them to kill the Syrians seeking freedom and then called them terrorists and claimed to be fighting them.

Terrorism was also associated with foreign interference. The regime always used to talk about the US and Israel as his only examples of foreign interference. In fact, Israel has always been the regime’s scarecrow, the pretext to justify any behavior. Why did not Israel interfere during the last decades? Israel was quite happy with a regime protecting its borders all this time and Madeleine Albright, the then US secretary of state, was the first one to congratulate Assad as successor of his father in the Syrian “kingdom.”

Terrorism can serve the regime best when accompanied by violence. It is the tool used by Assad regime to suppress anyone who tries, or even dreams, to say NO. Violence in Syria was born with the birth of Hafez Assad’s regime in 1970. Evidence of this is what happens all over Syria from homes to prisons. Syrians have been living in fear of getting arrested if they say one word that is not in harmony with the regime’s wishes. In prisons, many die while being tortured and this is an endless list. Many die without even knowing the reason of their arrest.

The regime always gives false reasons attempting to mislead Syrians, let alone the whole world. Its invitation of Iran, Hezbollah and Russia to interfere in Syria to help it carry out its brutality in killing the Syrians is not called a foreign intervention. Its violence is perceived as “mercy”, and its terrorism is considered “protection”. Whatever the regime does, it is always fighting terrorism no matter what method it uses to continue suppressing Syrians even if the only tactic being implemented is terrorism.


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