Child survivor of Idlib bombing: 'May Allah kill Assad and Russia'

A boy who was showered with concrete during an airstrike in the Syrian city of Idlib has told Sky News he hopes that Allah kills "Assad and Russia".

Wajih al-Asali was at a car repair shop when it was bombed and is now a mass of bandages, his swollen fingers filthy with dirt and blood and his breath rasping.

The airstrike filled one of Idlib's main squares with flaming wreckage. Seven children were killed.

Hundreds of thousands of displaced people are in the firing line after large numbers fled to Idlib - a city and province in Syria's northwest close to the Turkish border.

Wajih's father is a Syrian opposition fighter - but it is his son who is paying for his refusal to support the Asasad regime.

The 11-year-old told us: "We were sitting in the repair shop. They want to hit us. May Allah kill Bashar (al Assad) - Bashar and Russia."

Another child pulled from the rubble is seven-year-old Rinad Zaidan. She was playing with her younger brother Mohammed when the building they were in was hit.

Based on Sky News

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