Child dies of cold in Aleppo’s Afrin
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Child dies of cold in Aleppo’s Afrin

Orient Net
Date: 2020-02-13 15:58
A forcibly displaced girl died on Thursday (February 13), due to the cold weather in Afrin city in Aleppo countryside, Orient correspondent reported.

Al-Shifa Hospital in Afrin city announced the death of Iman Laila, a one-and-a-half-year-old unfant, before she arrived at the hospital, due to respiratory diseases caused by the severe cold.

The girl died an hour before reaching the hospital, noting that the cause of death is respiratory disease due to cold weather, a doctor at al-Shifa Hospital told Orient.

The child and her family are displaced from Eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside. They live in a shop in the village of Maaratah near Afrin city. The family does not have the lowest necessities of life.

Iman’s father walked several kilometers to the hospital, carrying his daughter to save her life. He did not know that he was carrying her dead body. The father hugged her with all force to his chest to protect her, Dr. Housam Adnan at Afrin hospital wrote on Facebook.

On Tuesday, Abdul Wahhab Ahmad al-Rahhal, a displaced infant from Khan Sheikhoun city died due to severe cold in al-Jazira IDPs Camp in Atma cluster in Idlib northern countryside.

On Monday, two parents and their two children died of suffocation from the emissions of heating materials while they were sleeping inside their tent near Kafr Rumah town in Idlib countryside.

A child and an infant were severely burned also on Monday in a fire in a camp in Darat Izza town in Aleppo western countryside.

Low temperatures aggravated the suffering of the IDPs who have to endure dire conditions in inadequate makeshift tents.

It is worth mentioning that the scarcity of heating fuel forces IDPs to use risky hazardous methods of heating such as burning wood, paper, and plastic which lead to asphyxia and fires accidents.


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