Russian warplane kills media activist in Idlib's Ariha
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Russian warplane kills media activist in Idlib's Ariha

Amjad Aktalati (File Photo)
Orient Net
Date: 2020-02-05 11:03
A Russian warplane has killed a media activist and a civilian in Idlib countryside, Orient News correspondent said. 

Amjad Aktalati, a media activist was killed on Tuesday (February 4) in the Ariha town with another civilian, Fadi Rahhal, by Russian airstrikes that destroyed four buildings.

Amjad's last post on Facebook was "The situation is so catastrophic."

White Helmets volunteers have worked hard for almost 24 hours to recover their bodies from under the rubble of destroyed buildings in the aftermath of the airstrikes.

On Monday, Russian warplanes killed 12 civilians, including six children and four women and injured others, including children and women in Aleppo countryside.

On Sunday, Russian warplanes and Assad helicopters killed 16 civilians, including five children and four women and injuring 23 others, including six children and four women in Idlib and Aleppo countryside.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights SNHR documented in its report released on (January 1) 43 massacres committed by Assad regime's militias and 22 massacres committed by Russian forces in 2019.

The report documented the deaths of 3,364 civilians in 2019, including 842 children and 486 women at the hands of the perpetrator parties to the conflict in Syria, including 234 in December.


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