How Gallega’s Logistics Services and Solutions Can Benefit You
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How Gallega’s Logistics Services and Solutions Can Benefit You

Orient Net
Date: 2020-01-20 14:58
As a leading logistics company, Gallega offers integrated logistics services and customized supply chain solutions in the UAE with reach internationally through its various strategic partners and agents. Gallega Global Logistics boast over 20 years of experience in finished vehicle logistics and automotive spare parts, providing end to end services across complex supply chains.

Gallega offers an expansive service portfolio, supported by exceptional customer service built on years of experience and attention to quality and detail. The future promises growth through assets, acquisition and digitization enabling Gallega to remain agile, customer centric and quality driven in all operational activities.

The logistics services and supply chain solutions offered by Gallega enable customers to reduce cost, be agile in operations and compete in their market.
With two facilities operating in the United Arab Emirates; Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) Dubai and Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD), their transport, storage and warehousing offering provides a premium service and high quality solutions. 

Contract Logistics Services

Customer solutions are provided by the logistics team at Gallega by integrating conventional logistics methods with supply chain management mechanisms to ensure competent handling of the products and services in all stages; from manufacturing all the way to delivery. 

Gallega encourages their customers to focus on their business’ core values and purpose by while they take care of the planning and designing of the supply chain strategies recommended and facilitating complex operations that may hinder their client’s success. These strategies include their JAFZA and KIZAD warehousing, distribution, and re-export solutions. Additionally, Gallega adopts various storage methods to address customers unique requirements; from bulk stacking to shelving and binning while establishing flexible networks of distribution through land, sea and air for different varieties of products and services.

Freight Forwarding Services

One of Gallega’s major roles as a logistics company combines coordinating shipments and arranging distribution channels, delivering the products from the manufacturers to the external market. These good include fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), vehicles, heavy-duty equipment, and much more. 
Freight forwarding services at Gallega covers air, sea, and land transport. As an added benefit, they also secure exceptional competitive rates for their customers, monitor packages, and manage their insurance and paperwork on their behalf. 

Land Transport Services in the UAE and GCC

With the help of Gallega’s experienced and professional partners, land transportation solutions and services ranging from complex cargo operations to simple door-to-door shipments are established. Their team manages all documents and security clearance paperwork for all shipments, meeting their customers’ expectations and promoting convenience. 

Supply Chain Services and Solutions

Gallega’s supply chain solutions aid in solving customer challenges, promote flexibility while adapting to abrupt changes in market demands, and increase customer profitability. Their competence and experience allow them to execute all 4PL/LLL services successfully, establishing cohesiveness and fluidity. 

Automotive Logistics Services

Gallega’s two main facilities in the United Arab Emirates, KIZAD and JAFZA, are reinforced by facilities in Jordan and Belgium, facilitating the delivery of integrated logistics services by supporting the automotive sector and cooperating with manufacturers and distributers in organizing their supply chain processes. 

One-Stop Auto-Shop for Vehicle Accessorizing & Customization

With Gallega’s skilled professionals, outstanding customer service, and experienced technical team, high-quality services are guaranteed to meet their customers seeking vehicle customization with special add-ons. Some of the vehicle customization services include an auto paint station, a mobile clinic, vehicle armoring, and military vehicle modification. 
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