Citizens for Safe and Secure America rents video billboard in Times Square displaying Assad and his allies’ crimes
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"Citizens for Safe and Secure America" rents video billboard in Times Square displaying Assad and his allies’ crimes

Orient Net
Date: 2019-12-18 20:33
“Citizens for Safe and Secure America” has rented a video billboard in New York’s Times Square to shed the light on Syrians and their dire living conditions while the world is preparing to celebrate Christmas and the New Year of 2020. 

The video billboard displayed in seconds part of what Assad regime’s militiamen committed against Syrians, forcing the Syrians to face harsh conditions inside and outside their country.

The video billboard also displayed photos of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Iranian regime's Khamenei, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Bashar Assad who terrified and killed Syrians.

"Families celebrate holidays in the United States, but there is no celebration in Syria. No joy. And no hope. In Syria there is only fear.  Lives lost and families are torn apart. Assad has forced over 4 million Syrians into refugee camps. It is the worst humanitarian crisis since WWII. It is time to say NEVER again. A free Syria means a safer America. #AssadISEvil,” the billboard read.  

“RUSSIA, IRAN, ISIS, ASSAD (IN PHOTOS). It’s time to CHANGE the face of SYRIA. To get rid of ISIS, Syria needs FREEDOM. To get rid of ISIS, Syria needs DEMOCRACY. To get rid of ISIS, Syria needs US. To get rid of ISIS, Syria needs ASSAD TO GO. A free Syria is a safer America. #AssadIsEvil, it ended. 


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