Russian mercenaries beheaded, mutilated body in Syria's Homs countryside (video)
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Russian mercenaries beheaded, mutilated body in Syria's Homs countryside (video)

Orient Net
Date: 2019-11-17 12:19
Russian mercenaries tortured, beheaded and mutilated the body of a man in an oil field in Homs northern countryside, according to footage released recently without mentioning its date.

The body of the man was hanged on metal bars before it was burnt beyond recognition.

The mercenaries said they would play football in his head, Nawras Centre said.    

"Dob't worry, no one would watch this video," another mercenary said.

The name of the victim was not verified, but the centre said his name was Hammadeh al-Taha from Deir ez-Zoor. He was detained by Assad terrorists when he came back from Lebanon.

Assad terrorists and their Russian allies have committed horrible atrocities again the Syrian people, cutting the penis of the child Hamza al-Khatib in Daraa and cutting the throat of the Syrian revolution singer Ibrahim al-Qashoush in Hama countryside were among those documented atrocities.  


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