Syrians in Daraa take to streets against Assad militia

Orient Net 2019-11-13 06:58:00

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Syrians in Daraa took to the streets on Tuesday (Nov 12) to protest against the Assad and the Iranian militiamen, Orient News learnt from local sources.

The protesters were seen in the towns and villages of al-Yadoda, Tel Shihab, al-Mezayrib and al-Ajami in the countryside of Daraa, riding motorbikes and chanting anti-Assad slogans. 


The protesters tore the pictures and flags of Assad regime at Tel Shehab Roundabout and Kharab al-Shahim, rejecting setting up these flags in the squares of the towns.

"This is only the beginning. Many escalating steps to take place if Assad militiamen don't release the detainees," one of the organizers told Orient.  

Assad militiamen re-occupied Darra and its countryside without fighting after some factions in the Free Syrian Army handed over large swaths of the area in what was termed "reconciliation" with the regime in 2018.