Turkey says will send ISIS prisoners to home countries
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Turkey says will send ISIS prisoners to home countries

Orient Net
Date: 2019-11-02 14:13
Turkey is not a hotel for any country’s terrorists and it will send all detained ISIS members back to their home countries, Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said Saturday (November 2), as European countries continue to refuse to repatriate citizens who fought for the group in Syria.

“Countries can't just revoke the citizenship of such ex-terrorists and expect Turkey to take care of them; this is unacceptable to us and it's also irresponsible,” Soylu told reporters.

He noted that the Netherlands was not the only country to revoke the citizenship of ISIS fighters, recalling that the UK and others have also followed similar paths to avoid taking responsibility.

Soylu’s remarks follow reports that two female Dutch terrorists were detained after visiting the Dutch Embassy in Ankara, after having asked to be sent back to their homeland. The Netherlands has clearly stated that it does not want ISIS terrorists back.

Soylu also noted that Turkey has nabbed around 100,000 illegal migrants since January.

“Authorities detain around 400-500 irregular migrants on a daily basis in Istanbul alone,” Soylu said, highlighting Turkey’s determination to tackle illegal migration.

He also slammed Europe for adopting an “inhumane” migration policy for refusing to take in asylum seekers.

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