Turkey plans $27 billion project to settle 1 million Syrian refugees in safe zone
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Turkey plans $27 billion project to settle 1 million Syrian refugees in safe zone

Orient Net
Date: 2019-09-28 10:28
Turkey has prepared a detailed plan for the resettlement of Syrian refugees that want to return to their home country after a safe zone in northern Syria is established where people will be able to live in a stable and peaceful environment.

The details of the plan emerged Friday (Sep. 27), with the eventual goal being to resettle about 1 million Syrians within the area in the east of the Euphrates.

According to the plan, which President Recep Tayyip Erdogan shared with US officials, 140 villages and 10 district centers will be established within the 30-40 kilometer deep safe zone in northern Syria, housing 5,000 and 30,000 inhabitants each, respectively. The settlements will be provided with various facilities so that the people living there will be able to have a normal life with every necessity met.

Each village will have 1,000 houses, and each district will have 6,000 new homes built, making 200,000 new residences in total. The construction is expected to cost about $26.6 billion.

Each household in villages will have its own farmland, and the whole residential area in the safe zone will have 11 mosques, nine schools, five youth centers and two indoor sports halls will be built to accommodate all the needs of the Syrians resettling in the area.

Eight districts will have clinics with 10 beds for inpatient treatment, whereas two districts will have a capacity of 200 beds. Establishing an industrial site is also among the plans.

Following its proposal to build residences for refugees in the planned 30-40 kilometer deep safe zone, Turkey has been preparing to take the first steps for the initiative in Idlib's de-escalation zone.

US Special Representative for Syria Engagement James Jeffrey stated Thursday in New York that the US is ready to talk about the extension of the areas of cooperation, including the return of Syrians to their home country following the establishment of the planned safe zone in northern Syria.

Speaking on the developments in Syria and the safe zone, the two countries agreed on establishing in order to answer the security concerns of Turkey, enabling the return of Syrian refugees and preventing a further migration wave, Jeffrey said: "We are working on the details; however, we have agreed on various military principles. I cannot talk about the depth of the safe zone because for now we have only talked about one-third of the northeast from region to region."

Amid ongoing efforts to resolve the humanitarian crisis in Syria, Turkey has intensified diplomatic contacts with international actors such as the US, Russia and Iranian regime. In addition to these diplomatic efforts, Turkey also conducts humanitarian projects to provide shelter for victims of the war.

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