Russian-Assad airstrikes kill at least 18 civilians in Idlib and Hama countryside
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Russian-Assad airstrikes kill at least 18 civilians in Idlib and Hama countryside

Orient Net
Date: 2019-07-21 09:08
Assad and Russian warplanes are still targeting cities and towns in Idlib and Hama countryside, Orient News correspondent reported in the early hours of Sunday (July 21). 

At least 18 civilians were killed in the towns of Morek, Orem al-Joz and Kafroma and Khan Sheikhoun. The death doll is expected to rise as there are still people under the destroyed houses in the aftermath of the airstrikes.

The airstrikes hit Sheikh Mustaf, Kafranbel, Maaret Hurmeh and Heish towns.

On Saturday dozens of airstrikes were conducted without deaths documented, according to  White Helmets and Idlib Media Centre.

Dozens of massacres were committed mainly in Khan Sheikhoun, Maaret al-Nu'man, Jisr al-Sheghoor, Kafranbel and Mehenbal by the random airstrikes since the Assad terrorists launched their offensive on Idlib on the 30th of April, backed by the Russian air force, violating the de-escalation zone deal reached between Russia and Turkey last September.  


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