Opposition fighters target Assad militiamen in Hama countryside

Orient Net | 2019-07-13 13:40 Damascuss

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Allied opposition fighters in the National Front for Liberation (NFL) shelled on Saturday (July 13) Assad regime militias in Hama countryside, the group said on its social media outlets.

NFL fighters targeted Assad militiamen on Hememiat battlefront with rockets, destroying a BMB vehicle.

Meanwhile, Assad artillery shells killed a woman and injured other civilians in Zaka village in Hama countryside.

Assad warplanes also shelled several villages and towns, including Latamneh and Kafr Zita in Hama northern countryside, Mahmood Alhamwi, a Syrian media activist said and posted on his YouTube channel.

Assad and Iranian militias and Russian airstrikes continuously target opposition-held areas in Hama countryside, causing civilian causalities.