FSA destroys two tanks in Hama countryside (video)

FSA destroys two tanks in Hama countryside (video)
Free Syrian Army (FSA) factions have repelled several incursion attempts by Assad militias in Hama countryside, causing losses to the latter, Orient correspondent reported.

The National Front for Liberation fighters thwarted on Monday (May 6) all regime’s incursion attempts on Janabra battlefront, killing a group of Assad militiamen and destroying a tank.

Meanwhile, Jaysh al-Izza announced the destruction of a tank on al-Sakher battlefront.


Yesterday, Russian warplanes and Assad helicopters targeted more than 30 villages and towns in Idlib and Hama countryside with hundreds of rockets and barrel bombs, killing 25 civilians, including women and children and injuring dozens and causing severe damage.

Hama countryside is within the de-escalation zone reached by Russia and Turkey last September. Russian warplanes and Assad militiamen have killed hundreds of Syrians since the de-escalation deal reached.

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