Assad reconciliation lord killed in Daraa

Orient Net | 2019-04-21 13:50 Damascuss

Assad reconciliation lord killed in Daraa
Unknown gunmen shot dead Mohammed Nour Zaid al-Bardan in front of his house in the town of Tafas in Daraa, Orient learnt from special sources on Saturday (April 20th).

Who is al-Bardan 
Mohammad al-Bardan was one of the opposition leaders who volunteered to work on the reconciliation with the Assad regime, facilitating its militias to completely take control of Daraa last summer.
Al-Bardan joined the Russia-affiliated "The Fifth Corps" militia. Dispute arose with the Russians, as the al-Bardan rejected to send his men to take part in the offensive on Idlib.
The Fifth Corps was disbanded. Then al-Bardan volunteered in the Assad Military Security. 
A dispute arose between him and Louay al-Ali the head of the Assad Military Security over handing the medium and light weapons to the Assad regime. 

The sources say the dispute could be the reason behind his assassination. 

Before the reconciliation 
Al-Bardan participated in the liberation battles against the Assad militia in the western countryside of Daraa. 
He also fought against ISIS when the group controlled the villages and towns of the Yarmouk Basin.

Finishing off leaders who oppose Iranian presence 
The Assad sectarian militia is accused of eliminating anyone who opposes the Iranian Shiite expansion in the southern region of Syria.

Iran is trying to establish and entrench its presence in the Assad regime areas.