Worldwide demonstrations to revive Syrian revolution (Photos)
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Worldwide demonstrations to revive Syrian revolution (Photos)

Orient Net
Date: 2019-03-19 14:11
Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets on Sunday (March 17) in several European capitals on the 8th anniversary of the Syrian revolution, chanting anti-Russia and Assad militia slogans.

In Germany, Syrian activists and German citizens marched towards the Russian embassy in the capital Berlin, condemning the Russian occupation and assuring that Assad and Putin cannot finish the Syrian revolution.

In London, Syrian and British activists demonstrated in London streets, confirming that the Syrian revolution is continuous until victory.

In Canada, the Syrian and Canadian activists demonstrated in the town square Canada’s Toronto, confirming that the Syrian revolution is continuous until victory, and distributing flowers.

Similar demonstrations took place Vienna, Paris and Netherlands, where the demonstrators sang the songs of the Syrian revolution.

The Syrian revolution broke out in 2011 when children wrote on their school walls anti-Assad regime slogans.


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