Pro Assad elderly man wants Christchurch's Brenton Tarrant to kill more

One of Assad regime’s supporters, Bashar Yusuf Barhoom, called on Christchurch's Brenton Tarrant to kill more as Barhoom was not happy with only 50 victims.

In footage posted on his Facebook page, which is followed by dozens of thousands of Assad supporters, Barhoom, said, let me talk to New Zealand’s “FOOLISH HUNTER,” by phone.

He held his mobile phone, showing his followers as if he was talking to the mass killer, he said:

“Hello, how are you attacker? You had a machine gun, a car and a camera, and you killed only 50!! Damn you!!! Finish your job in New Zealand and come here to me. I'll send you to a place where you find countless numbers of your target people. I will send you to Mecca, to the Hajj, (The Muslim Pilgrimage). You killed only fifty poor people in New Zealand. Finish your job and come soon to me. I will give you a visa to go and Mecca. May God bless your hands for what you have done. But the number of the victims was not enough! Bye.”

Syrian activists said Barhoom later apologized for what he had posted and deleted the sectarian footage, but the pictures were already downloaded to show the grudge that Assad regime's terrorists harhour for Muslims around the world.  

On March 15, a gunman, Brenton Tarrant, a 28-year-old Australian, killed 50 Muslim worshipers and wounded more than 40 during Friday prayers at two New Zealand mosques in the country's worst ever mass shooting.

The Australian man who claimed responsibility for the shootings said in a manifesto that he came to New Zealand only to plan and prepare for the attack which the White House and many politicians called an "act of hate".

Click here to go to Bashr Barhoom's Facebook page. 

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