Civilian causalities as Assad regime shells Hama countryside
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Civilian causalities as Assad regime shells Hama countryside

Orient Net
Date: 2019-02-23 08:47
Assad militiamen shelled on Friday (Feb. 22) the demilitarized zone (DMZ) of Hama countryside, killing and injuring civilians and causing material damage, Orient correspondent said. 

Assad militias targeted on Friday civilian homes in Zayzun village within the demilitarized zone of Hama countryside with artillery shells and rockets, killing a man and a girl and injuring civilian, Orient correspondent added.

Meanwhile, Assad militia targeted with rockets al-Hawash village, injuring a woman and her daughter and causing substantial material damage.

Assad militia also targeted with dozens of artillery shells al-Lataminah village, causing substantial material damage.

On Thursday, Assad militias targeted civilian al-Shariaa village with artillery shells and rockets, killing a civilian and injuring another civilian.

On Wednesday, Assad militias targeted civilian homes in al-Zakah village, killing a woman and injuring her husband and other civilians.

Hama countryside is within the de-escalation zones reached in Syria by the three guarantor states; Russia, Turkey and the Iranian regime.


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