Orient for Human Relief opens radiology centre in Idlib

Orient Net | 2019-02-06 12:33 Damascuss

Orient for Human Relief opens radiology centre in Idlib
Orient for Human Relief recently established a specialized radiology centre at the Orient Medical Complex in Idlib, trying to mitigate the burden and high costs of radiography services Syrians face in liberated areas.

"The Center contains a CAT scan device, a 4-D Echo device and a magnetic resonance device. It provides full and free radiography services to all Syrian patients and from all governorates -- not only to the liberated areas' sons," Doctor Ammar Martini, the director of Orient for Human Relief said.

"The magnetic resonance radiology system at Orient provides excellent services because of diseases it detects. These diseases are difficult to detect with other devices.

We can detect dangerous conditions like sclerosis, acute encephalitis, acute sciatica and conjunctivitis, as well as cartilage and articular ligaments and thoracic hernia.

Orient for Human Relief  Foundation is one of the many institutions of Orient, owned by the Syrian philanthropist and entrepreneur Ghassan Aboud.

Aboud established Orient for Human Relief to provide medical, educational, and social services to the millions of Syrians that have been displaced or injured in the Syrian conflict. 

The organization receives doctors from international organizations such as the Syrian American Medical Society, USAID, and Hand in Hand International from the United Kingdom.