10 years since Orient launched
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10 years since Orient launched

Orient Net
Date: 2019-02-02 09:17
Orient News TV marks on Saturday (February 2) the tenth anniversary of its launch, continuing to bear on its shoulder the responsibility of making pictures and voices of all Syrians seen and heard  around the globe.   

Orient News since 2009, owned by Ghassan Aboud, is an independent television covers Syrians' conditions inside and outside Syria. 

Orient Media Group includes Orient News TV, Orient FM, Orient Net Arabic, Orient Net English and Orient Vision for Studies and Research.

From its headquarters in Dubai, Orient Media Group provides comprehensive news, reports and live debates with dozens of reporters in its offices located in the globe, including Washington, London, Paris and Istanbul.Orient News has also partners of foreign and Arab media distinctive writers, analysts and fellow journalists who have helped the channel in delivering written and photo/video messages through the years.

Orient News' The Axis covered political events and exclusively interviewed many politicians, including the US Secretary of State John Kerry, and many US diplomats, Senators and decision-makers. 

Assad regime and ISIS have and continue to track Orient News’ correspondents and offices to silence the TV Channel and block its broadcast. Seven Orient staff members were killed. Five were also kidnapped by ISIS in addition to dozens of injuries by the Assad regime's attacks in different parts of Syria. 

Orient News was attacked by Qatari media, whose outlets accused the TV of siding with some Gulf states, but Orient News continued its professional coverage steadily on the line of the Syrian revolution, refuting all false charges.

Orient Net English since 2015 was launched after observing that many world media outlets covering the Syrian story in an inadequate, insufficient and biased way, hence a new Syria media platform in English to make the story clear was an urgent need.
With a strong commitment to being biased only to truth, Orient Net English aims at presenting its news stories in a professional, active and vivid manner.
In every headline, the key word is one aspect of the Syrian saga, and the different manifestations of people’s suffering, and the brutality, inhumanity and injustice practiced against them.


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