Dozens of Assad militiamen killed in Quneitra countryside
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Dozens of Assad militiamen killed in Quneitra countryside

Orient Net
Date: 2018-07-16 12:40
Russian and Assad war planes conducted air strikes on Mas-hara town and the strategic Tall al Harrah towns on Monday morning (July 16), Orient correspondent said.

Free Syrian Army (FSA) factions have repelled several attempts by Assad militias and their allies in Quneitra countryside, causing losses to the latter.

Muhammed Fahed said that the opposition factions thwarted on Sunday all regime’s incursion attempts in Mas-hara battlefront.

FSA factions killed at least 60 Assad militiamen including Major-General Rakan Diab, and injured 100 others while the latter tried to advance towards Mas-hara town, and destroyed two BMP vehicles and a 23-mm gun, Orient correspondent added.

At least 1000 rockets and shells have fallen on Muthaleth al-Moat (the triangle of death).

The Assad and Iranian shells fell on al-Mal, Mas-hara, and Taiha in Quneitra western and central countryside.   

Israeli officials have always said Israel will never allow Iran and its affiliated groups establish presence in Syria.

Dozens of thousands of Syrians are displaced by the regime and its allies’ advance in the south of Syria.


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