"Abu Amara" assassinates political security officer in Aleppo

Orient Net | 2018-05-31 11:49 Damascuss

"Abu Amara" assassinates political security officer in Aleppo
Assad regime-affiliated social media announced that a senior security officer was killed in Aleppo, while"Abu Amara"brigade adopted the operation.

The leader of "Abu Amara"brigade for special operations “Muhannad Jaffalah” told Orient that Samer Zidan was assassinated at 9:00 am on Wednesday (May 30) by firing squad on the Khanasser road. 

 “preliminary information indicated the assassination of the  lieutenant colonel Sumer Zidane of the branch of political security in the Aleppo”, according to the regime’s social media.

Assad affiliated social media said that Zaidan, nicknamed the "Lion of Old Aleppo," was shot in the chest during the arrest of some of the wanted men. While other facebook pages said that reported he was killed by a traffic accident.

Activists on social media reported that Zaidan was responsible for a series of crimes in the Political Security in Aleppo including the torture and liquidation of detainees. And that he led the "Shabia" gangs in the city.