Two thirds of Syria’s Raqqa city destroyed - WFP

Orient Net | 2018-04-03 08:46 Damascuss

Two thirds of Syria’s Raqqa city destroyed - WFP
Syria country director for the United Nations World Food Programme, Jakob Kern, visited Syria’s Raqqa on Sunday (April 1) and said it is "almost completely destroyed".

Kern estimated that "two thirds" of Raqqa had been destroyed in fighting.

Months after the city was taken from ISIS by US-backed militias, residents say the infrastructure needs to be rebuilt.

A UN assessment team spoke with Raqqa residents and met with members of the Raqqa Civil Council.

Council volunteers have said it will take 5.3 billion Syrian lira (about $10 million) a year to restore power and water supplies, roads and schools.

They warn that the failure to quickly return services to the city that was once home to more than 200,000 people, mostly now displaced, risks unrest.

ISIS declared a caliphate in 2014 and at the height of its power ruled over millions of people in parts of Syria and Iraq. The militant group had announced Raqqa as the capital of its self-proclaimed state.

But the city was recaptured by US-backed militias last October, after a four-month battle that left most of its neighbourhoods flattened and infrastructure destroyed.

The cost of the campaign to oust ISIS from its former Syrian capital is the destruction of the city, the death and maiming of hundreds of civilians and displacement of tens of thousands.