Regime’s shelling against eastern Ghouta victimize more civilians

Orient Net 2017-11-29 10:30:00

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Regime’s aircrafts targeted the residential areas in eastern Ghouta which led to death of 5 civilians, including 2 children, and injury of tens others; meanwhile, confrontations broke out between revolutionary factions and Assad regime forces in the Bait Jen farms area in western Ghouta.

In detail, regime aircrafts targeted houses of civilians in Hammouriya city with six airstrikes, victimizing civilians and causing material damages, while a civilian died in Mesraba town of injuries from a previous shelling on eastern Ghouta, according to Orient News correspondent.'>

Our correspondent confirmed that regime forces also targeted with heavy artillery shells the Hawsh Al-Dawahra, Mdera, Mesraba and Jesreen towns, and similarly targeted the Arbeen, Harasta and Duma towns, and Jobar neighborhood in Damascus, leaving several wounded civilians and material damages in civilian houses.

Simultaneously, a UN convoy accompanied with the Syrian Red Crescent (SRC) entered the Nashabiyah town in the Marj area, amidst claims by people of eastern Ghouta to hold the shelling and open humanitarian corridors.

In parallel, Orient News correspondent reported that revolutionary factions repelled a new incursion by regime forces inside the vehicle maintenance area in Harasta city, which led to deaths among regime forces.

In western Ghouta, the FSA-affiliated, Union of the Jabal al-Sheikh Forces damaged a tank of regime forces trying to advance on the Bardaaiya Hill battlefront, in the Bait Jenn area, while the latter targeted the area with heavy artillery missiles and dropped barrel bombs; however, 12 regime forces’ members were killed and other were injured during clashes, according Orient News correspondent.