5 civilians killed by Assad shelling on Eastern Ghouta

5 civilians killed by Assad shelling on Eastern Ghouta
Assad terrorists attacked on Tuesday (November 7) cities and towns in Damascus eastern countryside, killing and injuring more civilians by their nonstop bombing.  

Orient News’s Hadi al-Munajed, reporting from Damascus Eastern countryside, said, five civilians were killed, including 2 children and two women after Assad terrorists hit residential areas in the city of Saqeba by mortar bombs.

Many houses were heavily damaged by the Assad attacks which also left many people seriously injured.

Douma, Saqeba, Kafr Batna are attacked on a daily basis as the Ghouta (Damascus eastern countryside) is besieged by Assad scattered checkpoints which deny access to international organizations.

10 people have died so far by malnutrition which made the Syrian Civil Defence (White Helmets) send an appeal to the UN and the international community to turn immediate intention and open safe corridors to help the most vulnerable of children and women. 

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