Report: Life in Assad-controlled Latakia...patrols, fear dominate

Orient Net | 2017-07-24 09:46 Damascuss

Report: Life in Assad-controlled Latakia...patrols, fear dominate
The Assad regime is imposing a way of life in ‎Lattakia on the Syrian Coast. Violent retaliatory ‎campaign led by its security apparatuses against ‎civilians, especially traders, opened a new ‎chapter within the area which might lead to a ‎demographic change in the city.‎

Assad patrols are only in the Sunni ‎neighborhoods

Lattakia is generally divided between Alawite ‎and Sunni areas. The city’s traditional commercial ‎areas are located within the Sunni areas. Since ‎the recent Assad military security propaganda, ‎these neighborhoods have been under multiple ‎kinds of Assad siege. The siege doubled the ‎price of fines and raised the censorship ‎and penalty.‎

The old city and each of its streets are full of ‎huge armed customs patrols. This made many ‎traders sit inside their homes for fear of ‎violations of the Assad harsh rules and ‎harassment.‎

In an interview with Orient Net, many traders ‎talked about some reasons of the problem. Retailers ‎who deal with cleaning and cosmetic products, for example, ‎have become incapable of complying with Assad ‎regime’s laws.‎

‎"The new billing system makes it incredibly ‎profitable, and we do not use it. Vendors can ‎not stick to the bills because all importers do not ‎actually give us invoices to work on," one of the ‎traders said conditioning anonymity. ‎

Assad customs patrols closed more than 90 ‎shops in hours on the pretext of lack of regular ‎bills despite the fact that the vendors bought ‎goods from Assad affiliated traders. The Assad ‎affiliated-traders do not give retailers regular ‎bills in a step to avoid paying large amounts of money, ‎benefiting from Assad terrorists who protect ‎them from being held accountable if they breached ‎the law.‎

Security in the Alawite neighborhoods prevails ‎because of the absence of Assad terrorists, who ‎are busy with imposing their crackdown on Sunni ‎neighborhoods.‎

The siege is completely biased. There are no ‎customs or security patrols in the Alawite neighbourhoods, while they scatter in the Sunni’s,” an Assad ‎ministry employer said.‎

‎"We dare not to visit the Alawite neighborhoods to enforce the law, which Assad regime speaks about, all ‎people are armed there,” a tax collector added. ‎

‎Assad campaigns to track down young people to be enlisted "military service"

Assad regime sends more than 20 ‎checkpoints to the most important streets of the ‎city, making it empty in one hour. This ‎bothers the city’s merchants because it paralyzes the movement of customers as young men fear to be captured, one of the young locals says.

"Young men stay at home for several ‎days, which significantly weakens buying and ‎selling," one of the traders says.  

This was a part of the daily life in the Assad ‎regime’s Latakia. Orient Net exclusively ‎receives these reports from the heart of ‎the Assad areas. They cannot be ‎independently verified as Orient News is ‎considered a hostile propaganda by ‎Assad terrorists and their allies.  ‎