Assad terrorists take photos with cut-off heads
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Assad terrorists take photos with cut-off heads

Orient Net
Date: 2017-07-03 14:58
Pro-Assad regime social media platforms post ‎photos of dead bodies after killing them in ‎battles in Syria in an ISIS-like graphic way.‎

Pro-Assad Facebook pages posted on Sunday (July 2) photos ‎showing the commander of Assad militia, ‎‎"Falcons of the Desert", Mohammed Jaber, with ‎his feet on cut-off heads which were claimed to ‎be remains of ISIS terrorists’ bodies.‎

Orient Net blurred the graphic ‎part of the photos published in a step to mitigate the disturbing content. ‎

These photos show the ugly face of Assad ‎regime and prove this regime to be the main‏ ‏terrorist group in Syria, Mohammad al-‎Hammada, a Syrian military expert told Orient ‎Net.  ‎

It is worthy to remind that Assad terrorist brigadier Issam Zahr al-Deen, ‎commander of Assad operations in Deir ez-Zoor, ‎appeared in photos with bodies cut ‎and charred near Assad Deir ez-Zoor ‎military airport.‎


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