Assad terrorists' attempts to occupy Damascus' Jobar foiled
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Assad terrorists' attempts to occupy Damascus' Jobar foiled

Orient Net
Date: 2017-06-27 16:43
Opposition fighters managed to foil attempts by Assad terrorists and Iranian-led mercenaries to infiltrate Jobar neighborhood, east of the capital city of Damascus, despite the latter’s recent military reinforcements.

Orient News correspondent reported that opposition fighters managed early Tuesday (June 27) to thwart any attempt by Assad regime and its allied Shiite mercenaries from storming into and occupying areas in Jobar from the Tiba sector.

To increase the pressure on the opposition-controlled Jobar, Russian warplanes targeted Ein Terma city in eastern Ghouta with four airstrikes, injuring a number of civilians.

The media office of al-Rahman Corps – affiliated with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) – had confirmed on Friday that its fighters controlled new points in Ein Tarma valley after a counterattack. It also said that Assad terrorists brought new reinforcement to the area.


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