Three new Hezbollah terrorists killed in Daraa
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Three new Hezbollah terrorists killed in Daraa

Hezbollah terrorist killed in Daraa (Photo: Arab Press)
Orient Net
Date: 2017-06-23 13:14
Lebanese media sites reported on Friday (June 23) the killing of more Hezbollah mercenaries in clashes with opposition fighters in Syria.

Hezbollah-affiliated Arab Press reported the killing of three new Hezbollah terrorists – Rabie Afif Alayq, Rami Bassam al-Asaad and Abbas Ali Badran – during clashes with opposition fighters in Syria.

However, the site did not mention the location, time and details of their deaths.

Field sources confirmed to Orient Net that the Hezbollah mercenaries were killed during the ongoing with fighters of al-Bunyan al-Marsous Operations Room (BMOR) – a Free Syrian Army (FSA) operations room which coordinates military action against Assad terrorists in Daraa.

Abbas Ali Badran, Hezbollah mercenary killed in Daraa (Photo: Lebanese media)

Iran has recently sent huge military reinforcements to Daraa and its countryside, consisting of Lebanese, Iraqi, Afghan and Pakistani militias, in conjunction with the recruitment of Maher al-Assad's "fourth division" militants to control the city of Daraa and separate its eastern countryside from its western one.

The killing of these three Hezbollah mercenaries comes on day after Lebanese and Iranian media ‎confirmed that a new group of ‎Lebanese, Afghan and Iranian terrorists were ‎killed in the battles of the Syrian ‎Desert.


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