Opposition Coalition invites 12 military groups to name ‎representatives
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Opposition Coalition invites 12 military groups to name ‎representatives

The ‎president of National Coalition of Syrian ‎Revolution and Opposition Forces, Riyad Saif ‎in the middle (Photo: Orient)
Orient Net
Date: 2017-05-31 12:13
The political committee in the National Coalition of ‎Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces published a statement on Tuesday (May 30), ending in which the staff bloc’s ‎membership in the coalition, which was ‎representing the military council, previously ‎disbanded, and inviting 12 factions to name their ‎representatives for dialogue in the political ‎representation.‎

Some excerpts of the coalition's official statement, which Orient Net obtained ‎a copy of, read:‎

The political committee in National Coalition of ‎Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces welcomed the ‎members who represented the military ‎movement during the last period to be ‎representatives of the chosen factions. The political ‎committee also expressed keenness to cooperate ‎with those members, noting that it had been ‎communicating with those factions who agreed ‎to participate in the coalition, thus the committee is ‎waiting for the approval of the rest, as a ‎decision has been made to establish a working group for ‎joint coordination between the coalition and all ‎military opposition forces.‎

These measures ‎were part of a series of steps taken by the ‎president of National Coalition of Syrian ‎Revolution and Opposition Forces, Riyad Saif, ‎who aimed at modernizing the political system, ‎strengthening the presence of civil society and ‎political forces, and establishing joint working groups ‎with unions, local councils, parties, political ‎bodies, youth, revolutionary forces, intellectuals ‎and businessmen in order to ensure the widest ‎range of participation in making decisions in ‎the opposition body. ‎

On Sunday (May 7), the head of “Damascus Declaration,” Samir ‎Nashar, told ‎Orient News that the opposition’s National ‎Council was ‎established by the Syrians’ free will but it ‎was ‎not recognized by any state until the US ‎ordered to end ‎it and establish the National ‎Coalition of Syrian Revolution ‎and Opposition ‎Forces on its ruins.

The National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and ‎Opposition ‎Forces’ General Assembly elected ‎Riad ‎Seif as president and Mohamad Nazir Hakim as ‎Secretary General On Saturday (May 6). ‎


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