Opposition foils Assad terrorists’ attempt to occupy Damascus’ Qaboun
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Opposition foils Assad terrorists’ attempt to occupy Damascus’ Qaboun

Assad terrorist held captive in Damascus’ Qaboun. (Photo: al-Rahman Legion)
Orient Net
Date: 2017-04-26 19:17
Opposition fighters foiled on Wednesday a new attempt by Assad terrorists and Iranian mercenaries to occupy new areas east of Damascus.

Orient correspondent reported that opposition fighters clashed with Assad terrorists and Iranian mercenaries after the latter attempted to storm into Qaboun neighborhood in Damascus, leading to a number of Assad terrorists and their allies killed while others captured.

In parallel to the battles, Assad terrorists renewed their targeting of the neighborhoods of Qaboun and Tishreen with rockets, artillery shells and explosive hoses, as several warplanes launched rocket-propelled grenades, hitting several areas in and around Qaboun.

Fighting battles between opposition fighters on one side and Assad terrorists and Iranian, Lebanese and Iraqi Shiite militias on the other had been taking place in the neighborhoods east of the capital over the past few days on the axis of al-Hafiz Street in Barzeh district and in the Basateen of the neighborhood.

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