Assad jet takes off from Shayrat Airbase, carries airstrikes on Rastan
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Assad jet takes off from Shayrat Airbase, carries airstrikes on Rastan

Aftermath of Assad airstrikes on civilian-populated area of Rastan. (Photo:Orient)
Orient Net
Date: 2017-04-10 16:15
An Assad warplane took off on Monday from Shayrat Military Airport and carried out several air raids on the city of Rastan, days after US forces targeted the airport with 59 Tomahawk in response to the chemical massacre perpetrated by Assad terrorists against the civilians of Idlib’s Khan Sheikhoun.

Orient correspondent confirmed that a Sukhoi 22 plane took off on Monday from the Assad-controlled Shayrat Military Airport and carried out several air raids on the city of Rastan, north of Homs.

The correspondent added that the “warplane targeted residential neighborhoods in the city of Rastan, injuring a child,” pointing out that the plane took off towards Syria’s north after it carried out the air raids on Homs’ Rastan.

US military published pictures showing the missile strikes on the Shayrat Military Airport after being targeted with 59 Tomahawk missiles launched by US warships from the Mediterranean.

The US military said the pictures showed "an assessment of the damage caused by the missile strikes" at the Shayrat Military Airport, pointing out that the strike destroyed a number of Assad aircrafts and caused serious damage to the infrastructure of the airport.

Assad-affiliated media outlets reported that the US strikes killed about 12 Assad terrorists and caused "almost complete" destruction to the Shayrat Military Airport, in addition to destroying 14 Assad military aircraft.

An Assad military aircraft took off on Saturday from the Shayrat Military Airport in the eastern Homs countryside, one day after being targeted by US missiles. Observers reported that the Sukhoi 22 aircraft took off from the airport on Saturday at 11:45 am local time and flew in a circular manner without knowing its destination.


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