FSA liberates more territory in Daraa’s al-Mensheyya

Orient Net | 2017-04-09 09:01 Damascuss

Opposition fighters continue attacking Assad terrorists' posts in Daraa. (Photo: BMOR)

Fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), operating under the banner of al-Bunyan al-Marsous Operations Room (BMOR)–– an operations room that coordinates military action against Assad terrorists in Daraa in the south, continued on Sunday making advances in al-Mansheyya neighborhood in Daraa, controlling a number of checkpoints and inflicting losses on Assad terrorists and their supporting foreign militias.

FSA fighters seized the checkpoints of al-La’bin and Syria Tel from Assad terrorists in al-Mansheyya neighborhood in Daraa after fighting with Assad terrorists, Orient News correspondent said. They also controlled al-Salloum, al-Binayat and Dragha checkpoints in addition to seizing 47 blocks in al-Mensheyya, and killing and capturing a number of Assad terrorists and foreign militiamen, he added.

BMOR published an illustrative map showing the advances of its fighters in Daraa. The operations room also clarified in a statement the recent developments in the fighting against Assad terrorists, adding that it killed three officers, two non-commissioned officers and five fighters from Assad terrorists’ ranks. Eight Hezbollah terrorists were also killed, the statement added.

An emplacement and a tank for Assad terrorists were also destroyed by opposition fighters, while four Assad terrorists were captured, BMOR said on its social media accounts.
(Two Assad terrorists captured by FSA fighters in al-Mensheyya neighborhood)

Meanwhile, Nabd Horan makeshift hospital was rendered out of service after being hit by Russian warplanes, according to activists. The hospital was targeted with two airstrikes which used the highly destructive bunker buster bombs. The attack led to the death of one of the hospital staff and caused massive damage to the hospital’s building.



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