Al-Bab city under full control of Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army

Al-Bab city under full control of Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army
Euphrates Shield forces, supported by Turkish army, on Thursday wrested control of the Syrian city of al-Bab in northeastern Syria after fully clearing the city from ISIS terrorists.

Major Hashem al-Ahmad, a commander in al-Sham Legion operating under the umbrella of Euphrates Shield, confirmed the full liberation of al-Bab from ISIS after swift advances for the Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters in the city, and demoralization in the ranks of ISIS extremists.

For his part, Head of the Political Office in al-Motasem Brigade, an opposition faction fighting under Euphrates Shield’s umbrella, said that ISIS terrorists have completely collapsed in al-Bab.

On Wednesday, FSA fighters achieved big advances in al-Bab. It controlled Officers’ Residences, the court building, Religious Endowments Building, the Cultural Center Building, in addition to other points, after heavy clashes with ISIS.

In a video statement, Hawar Kilis Operations Room (HKOR), declared the full control over al-Bab city, promising that within the coming few hours, the cities of Tadif, Bza’a, and Qabbaseen will be also liberated and cleared from ISIS.

Orient News has been closely following the updates on fighting ISIS in al-Bab. It was the first TV station to enter al-Bab today and reported live from the ISIS-free city.'>(Khaled Abu al-Majed, Orient News correspondent reporting live from al-Bab city. Feb. 23, 2017)

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