Opposition captures hills in Damascus countryside’s Beit Jin

2017-02-15 10:01:00

Opposition fighting groups ‎attacked Assad terrorists and their allied ‎foreign sectarian militias on Tuesday, ‎taking control of some strategic ‎points on the outskirts of Beit Jin ‎in Damascus western ‎countryside. ‎

‎Opposition fighters captured the ‎hill of al-Zehre al-Aswad and the ‎hill Eshara near the Assad ‎regime-besieged town of Beit Jinn. ‎This progress came following a ‎sudden swift offensive on Assad ‎military locations. The offensive ‎resulted in killing at least 30 terrorists ‎and in seizing ammunition and ‎guns, according to Orient News ‎correspondent. ‎

Assad took control of ‎al-Zehrah hill and al-‎Eshara hill after locals were forced ‎to reach a ’reconciliation deal’ ‎with Assad terrorists to avoid their ‎barrel bombs and deadly ‎airstrikes and to release their ‎detainees from Assad detention centers. Assad terrorists did not ‎meet promises they made to locals, which was the spark ‎of the offensive launched by ‎opposition.   ‎

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