Syria’s ISIS-held Raqqa will be isolated soon - US commander

Orient Net 2017-02-09 06:32:00

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Spokesperson for the US-led Coalition against ISIS Colonel John Dorrian said on Wednesday that he expects Raqqa city to be isolated nearly completely during the coming few weeks, laying the ground to controlling the city.

Colonel John Dorrian said he expected that Raqqa will be nearly isolated in the coming weeks, setting the stage for a push to seize the city, Reuters reported.

"What we would expect is that within the next few weeks is that the city would be nearly completely isolated and then there will be a decision point to move in," Dorrian said.

The top American commander in Iraq had said that both Raqqa in Syria and Mosul in Iraq, the two major strongholds of ISIS, will be recaptured within the next six months. Lieutenant General Stephen Townsend told the Associated Press that "within the next six months I think we’ll see both (the Mosul and Raqqa campaigns) conclude."