HNC: De Mistura goes beyond confines of entrusted mission

HNC: De Mistura goes beyond confines of entrusted mission
The Syrian Opposition High Negotiations ‎Committee’s (HNC) Spokesperson Dr. Riad Naasan ‎Agha has said that the UN Syria envoy Staffan de ‎Mistura’s announcement of giving the ‎opposition a respite till the eighth of February ‎to ‎agree on their delegation to the UN ‎talks, ‎scheduled on the twentieth of February is an ‎"inappropriate" statement. ‎

Dr. Agha also said that the statement was ‎inappropriate because De Mistura went ‎in his statement beyond the confines ‎of ‎the task with which the UN entrusted him.‎‎

Dr. Agha called upon the UN envoy to ‎commit to his mission and prepare well for ‎the imminent Geneva conference to avoid the ‎previous failed experiments. ‎

In his exclusive speech to Orient Net , Dr. Agha ‎has called upon De Mistura to give a precise ‎classification of the "opposition figures" ‎he named, reminding that there are a number ‎of Assad and Russian protégés among those opposition figures. ‎These, according to Dr, Agha, defend the Assad ‎regime’s staying in power.‎

‎“Does Mistura want the Assad regime’s ‎protégés to represent the real opposition in ‎negotiating the Assad regime while these ‎protégés oppose the Assad regime in ‎nothing?” Dr. Agha has asked.    ‎

A few days ago, Staffan de Mistura said the UN would choose the opposition’s representatives if they could agree on their delegation in order to make sure that it could be as inclusive as possible.

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