Syrian opposition member speaks to Orient News in Astana

In an exclusive interview with Orient News, opposition delegation member in Astana talks, Essam al-Reiss, spoke to our correspondent, Ammar Ezz, clarifying some points about opposition fighters’ stance.

Opposition fighters came to Astana because it is the only way to stop the “Syrian nightmare,” said al-Reiss, adding that opposition’s factions are committed to the ceasefire, but the Assad regime is the party violating the deal.

Al-Reiss also said that opposition delegation had submitted its technical paper, about how to implement the ceasefire on the ground, to the UN, and it was promised the reply in a ten days’ time, but there was no reply.

Al-Reiss stressed that the side responsible for any future political negotiations will be the Higher Negotiations Committee (HNC), and that the delegation in Astana only speaks on behalf of the opposition’s fighting factions. Any talks about Geneva, future talks are left for the HNC to deal with, he added.

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