Idlib: US-led coalition airstrike kills Fatth al-Sham commander
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Idlib: US-led coalition airstrike kills Fatth al-Sham commander

File photo
Orient Net
Date: 2017-01-06 15:07
An airstrike believed to be conducted by a drone from the US-led coalitions killed Friday a commander in Jabhat Fatth al-Sham and his teenage son in Taftanaz northeast of Idlib, according to Orient News correspondent.

The airstrike hit the house of the commander in Fatth al-Sham Yunus Shu’aib (also known as Abu al-Hasan Taftanaz) killing him and his 15-year-old son. The strike also killed Muhammad Kamal Shu’aib who was a religious officer at Fatth al-Sham.

A few days ago, an airstrike believed to be by the US-led coalition hit a building for Fatth al-Sham in Sarmada north of Idlib killing 25 people.


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