Pro-Hezbollah Syrian photographer killed in Aleppo
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Pro-Hezbollah Syrian photographer killed in Aleppo

Orient Net
Date: 2016-12-03 11:50
A number of pro-Hezbollah media has announced the death of a Syrian photographer, who used to work with terrorist militia, during the clashes on Sheikh Sa’d front, south of Aleppo.

The so-called Central Military Media, which is Hezbollah’s outlet on social media, confirmed the death of photographer Hassan Sharif Jazza, aka Fallah, during the coverage of Hezbollah’s operations in Aleppo.

Jazza, 27 years old, was a Syrian local from the Shiite town of Nubbul in Aleppo northern countryside and had joined the Hezbollah’s Military Media after the Hezbollah terrorists were able to reach Nubbul and al-Zahraa towns.

"Fallah" enrolled in several military photography training courses then participated in covering Hezbollah’s fighting with opposition in Aleppo.

A number of Iranian and Hezbollah militia’s media practitioners met their ends during the past couple of months as they were covering the ongoing fighting in Aleppo. The last of those killed was the reporter of the Iranian state-run channel (IRIB), Mohsen Khazaei.


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