Assad regime’s violations of truce continue on Thursday

Assad regime’s violations of truce continue on Thursday
Assad regime’s terrorists violated on Thursday the US-Russia truce on after they attacked the outskirts of Douma,  al-Marj in Damascus eastern countryside, Orient News correspondent said. 

In Damascus western countryside, Assad regime’s machine guns attacked the city of Madaya. 

Jaysh al-Fatth-controlled areas in al-Ramoseh of Aleppo were attacked by Assad regime’s heavy artillery guns. Other towns and villages in Aleppo northern countryside were attacked like Hritan, Hayyan and the road which leads to the Turkish border. 

Meanwhile, tens of civilians were killed and injured by Assad or Russian airstrikes on the town of al-Mayadeen in Deir ez-Zor northeast of Syria, Orient Net learnt from special sources.

Wednesday violations 

Assad terrorists, in a breach of the US-Russia Syria truce, attacked on Wednesday evening the town of Qebtan al-Jabal in Aleppo with rockets of type C5, Orient News correspondent said.  

Also, Assad regime’s warplanes also conducted airstrikes on the town Anadan in Aleppo northern countryside, heavy machine guns were used in attacking residential areas of the the town.  

In Damascus eastern countryside’s Hoosh Nasri, a campaign of shelling and bombardment was launched by Assad terrorists before conducting mopping up operations in the area.

Thursday is the fourth day of the US-Russian brokered ceasefire deal which seems to be holding so far, as the number of massacres committed by Assad terrorists and Russia against the Syrian people have been significantly reduced, despite the fact of not being completely silenced.  

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