Argentina arrests Hezbollah official over money laundry

Orient Net | 2016-09-13 08:35 Damascuss

Argentina arrests Hezbollah official over money laundry
Argentinian authorities have arrested a high-rank Hezbollah official because of his illegal activities on the Argentinian border, sources from Argentinian authorities said.

Security reports published on some Argentinian media said that the apprehended Lebanese, who was arrested after his name was on international and US police’s lists, was not Mohammad Jalil al-Saiyed but Jalil al-Mohammad, the first person in charge of terrorist activities and the coordination of drugs smuggling in the tri-border area between Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil. 

After his detention and revealing his real identity, al-Mohammad said that he is perfectly willing to give Argentinian authorities the important information that he knows, on the condition that authorities should not extradite him to the US or Brazil.

Al-Mohammad also promised to give name lists and specific information about the activity of the networks he supervised in the tri-border area in return for serving his sentence in Buenos Aires and not being extradited to US or Brazil.

Al-Mohammad has been supervising, for ten years, the activities of Hezbollah in the famous border area in Latin America. He also coordinates smuggling, money laundering, and recruitment for Hezbollah, especially among Lebanese community or migrants from Lebanese origin, security sources from Buenos Aires said.

It is worthy to mention that in addition to Washington, Brazil also demands the extradition of al-Mohammad because of his involvement in supervising a huge network dedicated to forging credit cards.