Russian FSB forces Syrians to sign testimonies against "Salafis" and "Wahabis"

Orient Net | 2016-09-06 17:25 Damascuss

Russian FSB forces Syrians to sign testimonies against "Salafis" and "Wahabis"

One week elapsed after the Grozny-held conference which was entitled Conference of Ahl al-Sunna and al-Jama’a. The conference aimed at defining who Ahl al-Sunna or the Sunnis are.

This conference, however, coincided with the evacuation of the Sunni population of Darayya city in Damascus western countryside.

It concluded that Ahl al-Sunna are Ash’arites, Maturidis, Ahl al-Hadith (the people of Hadith), and Sufis.

Despite the political aspect that characterized the religiously-masked conference, it was clear that it came after well-preparations. This was obvious due to several matters, some of which were uncovered, while others are still mysterious.

One of the most significant preparations that could be thought of is what the Russian intelligence, or FSB, did to the Syrians residing in Russia, especially Christians.

Orient Net contacted some Syrian Christians, who live in Russia. They told Orient Net what they faced on the hand of the FSB before the Chechen conference was held.

A Syrian young man, who preferred to use the alias Wassim, told Orient Net, said that FSB contacted him and asked him to be present at one of their branches, giving him pre-determined time and place.

 “They [FSB] warmly welcomed me and started to talk about Islamists and what Islamists did to Syria. Then, they asked me to appear before a court whose type I did not know, in order to be a witness on the crimes of Salafis and Wahabis,” Wassim added.

“Of course I said yes,” said Wassim. “I cannot say no because it means I will disappear in this country,” he added.

Wassim signed a number of papers, which, according to him, contained his testimony on the “crimes of Salafis, Wahabis and Muslim Brotherhood” in Syria.

The young man pointed out that this happened to several friends of his. They were all Syrian and Christian.

It is expected that all Mosques and worship houses of Muslims are to be closed, except for those of the Salafis, according to Wassim.

It was not known how these testimonies, which FSB are forcing out of Syrian Christians, were utilized. However, their coincidence with Chechen conference was deliberate.

The reason behind the conference was to exclude all those who do not agree with the conference attendants outside the characterization of Sunna and Jama’a.

This was the main aim of the conference, which was held under the patronage of the Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, Russia, and Iran. Assad regime’s Mufti was also there, in addition to a group of Sheikhs from Egypt’s al-Azhar Mosque.

This conference was a political conference under the mask of a religious one, Dr. Motaz al-Khatib, Lecturer at Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics, Qatar.

Sunnis, according to this conference, are those “who do not defend or utter a single word in defense of the Sunnis who have been killed for years on a daily basis in Iraq, Syria, etc. Such Sunnis would rather side with their killer,” al-Khatib explained.



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