Civilians from Darayya arrested by Assad regime in Harjalleh

Civilians from Darayya arrested by Assad regime in Harjalleh
Assad security apparatus arrested on Tuesday more than ten civilians from Darayya who arrived to Harjalleh area near al-Kisweh city in Damascus western countryside, according to the agreement made between Assad regime and opposition fighters of Darayya after threats of annihilation, Syria Live Network (SLN) reported.

Arrests were not justified at all, whether those arrested were wanted by Assad regime or not.

These arrests coincided with the arrival of some opposition representatives, on top of them, Ahmad al-Khosheini, former director of the makeshift hospital in Darayya, in addition to a number of military leaders.

Figures form Assad regime also arrived to the area. Brigadier General Mofid Wardeh, head of military security in al-Kisweh city, along with two correspondents for pro-Assad media channels, in addition to other figures who brokered the recent agreement in Darayya arrived to Harjalleh.

The people of Darayya protested against the presence of these figures. They assaulted them and started swearing at them. People coming from Darayya justified this by saying that these figures who pretend coming to check on them are the same ones who were starving them in complicity with Assad terrorists who besieged the city for about four years.

It is worthy to remind that an agreement between Assad terrorists and opposition fighters was reached on August 25th, after the former threatened to level Darayya to the ground.

According to the agreement opposition fighters of the city will head to Idlib carrying only personal weapons, while part of the civilians, who are estimated to be 300 families, arrived to Harjalleh in Damascus countryside, and others headed to sheltering centers in Dahiyet Qudsayya. The exact number of civilians, however, was not known.

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