Video: Assad Napalm bombs burn the only field hospital in Darayya
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Video: Assad Napalm bombs burn the only field hospital in Darayya

Orient Net
Date: 2016-08-19 09:25
Assad warplanes continued their bombardment of Darayya targeting it with napalm bombs which are internationally prohibited. These bombs rendered the only field hospital in Darayya out of order and burned large parts of the city.

Assad terrorists targeted the hospital on Tuesday and on that day Darayya local council released a video footage showing doctors operating on a patient using the lights of their mobile phones.

Assad terrorists have been besieging more than 9 thousand civilians in Darayya, most of them are women and children, in a small area of the city. About 95 Syrian organizations in addition to 250 Syrian activists and journalists lately signed a joint statement appealing for the international community to interfere immediately to save the lives of those besieged civilians in Darayya.


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