“Epic of Aleppo”: maneuvering battles

Orient Net | 2016-08-03 13:41 Damascuss

“Epic of Aleppo”: maneuvering battles
Ali Safar writes in his article in Orient Net Arabic that the battle launched by the opposition fighters will not end with the liberation of Aleppo, but rather will keep moving forward until Syria’s reality is flipped 180 degrees and the path that was sought for a solution in Syria is completely changed.

The so-called "liberation" battles waged by the Assad regime are in fact attempts to move its political maneuvering space, the writer explains, adding that they are under the auspices of the regional and international powers.

The writer argues that the opposition fighters are well aware of the fact that the purpose of the international community’s inaction is to give Assad more time to commit war crimes and regain lost territory.

“According to the facts, the regime’s success in applying a blockade on Aleppo would not make it win the war but will only allow it to have more space to exercise its bloody policies against the Syrians, in addition, opposition fighters’ breaking the siege does not mean that the regime will not attempt another siege for it will as long as its supported by its allies,” the writer argues.

The writer states that Syria will not witness any breakthroughs within the foreseeable future at the international level especially with all of the recent events happening and due to the conditions of the game which aim at keeping a balance of power on the ground.

This is how the international powers want for the situation to continue in Syria, the writer explains; if the regime fails or wins or if the opposition advances in the battle of Aleppo or withdraws, they are waiting for a new US president to enter the White House, perhaps with new strategies and different policies. As the world waits, the Syrians should also wait as they come face-to-face on a daily basis with death, the writer explains. 

However, the writer concludes by arguing that “the international community has miscalculated its estimates; the people who have remained steadfast over the past years will not submit to its will, and are proving to themselves before the world that they hold the solution to their country’s conflict and this is what the current realities now in Aleppo are leading to.”



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