Russian airstrikes kill civilians in popular market in Atareb
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Russian airstrikes kill civilians in popular market in Atareb

Aleppo's al-Atareb - Aug. 2, 2016
Orient Net
Date: 2016-08-02 14:53
At least five civilians were killed on Tuesday and tens were seriously injured by airstrikes carried out by Russian jet fighters on the city of Atareb in Aleppo northern countryside, Syria Live Network (SLN) reported.

"While this elderly man was driving home carrying sacks of vegetables to feed his family, Russian jet fighters attacked him. He immediately lost his life. The blood is mixed with vegetables. His body is burnt beyond recognition. We do not know how we can tell his family," one of the civil defense volunteers in al-Atareb said.

Orient Net received photos of victims from the site of the air attack. They can not be published as they are disturbing.  

Twenty civilians, including nine children and 5 women were killed on Friday night by Assad airstrikes on al-Atatreb. Residents in the city burned tires to fill Aleppo’s sky with black clouds of smoke. They aimed at causing poor visibility and saving civilians’ lives from the indiscriminate air attacks carried out by Assad regime’s and Russia’s warplanes.


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