Daraa’s Jasem military council: No reconciliation with Assad regime

Orient Net | 2016-07-31 13:17 Damascuss

Daraa’s Jasem military council: No reconciliation with Assad regime
The opposition military council in Daraa countryside’s Jasem  said on Saturday that all news and stories related to reconciliation with Assad regime were incorrect, Orient News correspondent said.
The council published a statement, which Orient Net obtained a copy of,  purported to neither reconciliation nor truces to be reached with Assad regime at the expense of Syrian civilians’ blood in Aleppo and Darayya.

"This statement is considered as an ultimatum for anyone who may be beguiled to make such steps," the statement said.

A similar statement was passed by Daraa Local Council on the 7th of July over reports of coordination between Assad regime and the international organization UNICIF. The statement then said:    

"The UNICEF and other UN organizations are working in full coordination with Assad regime, forgetting off all its crimes against Syrian civilians, Daraa City Local Council said in a statement. 

"The Assad regime destroyed Syrian cities, demolished civilians’ houses, confiscated their resources, fortunes and infrastructure that took Syrians ages to construct, and cost them huge amounts of money.

“Yet, these legally and morally "crippled" organizations work with the Assad regime hand in hand, and at the same time, they accuse Syrians of exercising vandalism against their own properties. 

“We - in Daraa City Local Council - consider all people, organizations or bodies dealing with Assad regime as its accomplices in all crimes it is perpetrating in Syria. 

“Cooperating with the Assad regime is a grave-scale crime, not less serious that its genocide against Syrian people.

“If  UN organizations are really after civil peace and security, we ask them all to abstain from working, coordinating with and helping the criminal Assad regime and all those supporting it,” the Local Council’s concluded its statement."