Russia bombs Aleppo with phosphorus, and possibly uranium

Orient Net | 2016-06-27 09:56 Damascuss

Russia bombs Aleppo with phosphorus, and possibly uranium
Russian jet fighters continue bombing northern Aleppo countryside and parts of Aleppo city with phosphoric and incendiary bombs which are prohibited internationally.

Speaking in Al-Hadath channel Sunday evening, Asaad al-Zoubi, head of the Syrian opposition delegation of High Negotiations Committee (HNC) in Geneva, said that Russia bombarded Aleppo with cluster bombs and there is a possibility that it used enriched uranium in its raids.

Russian aerial attacks indiscriminately target civilians in residential neighborhoods. The areas are purely residential and contain no military presence whatsoever. These Assad and Russian attacks are carried out to kill as many Syrians as possible, a local activist from the targeted neighborhood told Orient News correspondent.

Biyanon, al-Tamorah, Kafr Hamra, al-Mallah, Anadan and al-Kastello Road were among the most targeted areas in Aleppo countryside by Russian jets’ phosphoric and vacuum bombs. Assad jets targeted these areas with more than 400 raids using cluster, phosphoric and vacuum bombs.

Assad forces continue this escalation with Iranian and Shiite militia fighters support following the loss they incurred in the southern Aleppo countryside in an attempt to control al-Mallah area to control al-Kastello Road, the only remaining link between the city and its countryside.



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